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latin by <lj user=erin_icons>

Prague day 2


My 2nd day in Prague started rather roughly. I woke up later than I wanted to and didn’t get out the door until nearly 11am.  I missed breakfast at the hostel so I had to go out to a restaurant. I then ended up running errands until about 2:30. I first needed to buy my ticket for the train to Stuttgart, which I did, but then found I had to go to a different train station, so I went to find it so that I wouldn’t lose time the next day looking for it. Next I had the issue of my luggage. They were almost too heavy for the plane limits and I didn’t want them to be too heavy when schlepping them on and off trains, so I went to a post office for a box. The box they gave me was too small and they didn’t speak English. So I went back to the hostel and asked about a good P. O. for me to go to, which was the Main P.O. near the National Museum. Once there, just to get a box I had to get through the service system. There’s a machine from which one must take a number. But there are 10 numbered buttons which have descriptions of specific services on them. In Czech. Eventually I found some directions in English and got a number. When it was finally called, I was told I had to get a number from button no. 8 aka “other services”, not parcel services. So I had to wait again just to get the box. The box I eventually got was bigger than the other, but still quite small. Back at the hostel I packed what I could in the boxes; heavier stuff that I didn’t need. So, walking to the post office AGAIN I finally got them sent out.


Anyway, its all done and I’m eating in the Old Town Square again, being completely vegetarian for lunch, since Czech food is largely meat and potatoes and its just too hot for that.

More coming soon!
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Gosh, I’ve been looking about this specific topic for about an hour, glad i found it in your website!