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windmill by maesstria

departure plans

Yes, I've actually been making plans for my eventual leave-taking from the ultimate metropolis for several months now. But just this week they've undergone a shift because I've found that I'll actually be able to leave a week earlier than stated in my contract, which officially ends August 25th. My visa was going to be a problem, because it ended on the 19th of August, exactly one year from my entry. But after talking with her superiors, Lina told me it's been decided that I can take my vacation at the very end of my contract, starting on the 19th, and I will be free to leave. It actually works out quite well for me, since I didn't have any real plans for my summer vacation. Most countries are either experiencing civil unrest (Thailand) or are experiencing monsoon season. Japan apparently will be having typhoon weather as well. So...not much in the way of vacationing. Hannah and I considered Guam (Guam??!!) but after some research found it kind of seedy. Clearly most people go for the tax-free mark-downs on designer items.

So my plan as of now is still to go to Prague first. There's a great little hostel situated right in the altstadt, or whatever its called in Czech. Prices aren't bad either. I would arrive on the very same day as my departure from Incheon Int'l at around 5pm. (Since it took 23 hours from NY to Incheon, this seems very strange to me.) I would stay 3 nights, one for recovery. Next will be Tuebingen for 3 nights at the Jugendherberge, or youth hostel. Now, I had thought about going to Baden-Baden. I know everyone says it very pretty, but all things considered, I just couldn't get interested enough to spend the time and money. Everything that could have tempted me there I can find just as easily in Tuebingen. Sure, there's the Black Forest and the Roman Baths, but the forest to the east is just as nice, I know the paths, and Roman Baths are just another tourist attraction that don't really mean anything to me. So Baden is out. 

So after Tuebingen, I would take the train north to Muenster, where my good friend Anja is attending the University for her PhD, crash with her for a few days, then to visit my friend Merel who lives near/in Maastricht, the Netherlands. She herself will be leaving for her own university town in northern Groningen, which is where I would have visited her if my plans were unchanged. She'll be busy, but then I'll probably be able to find plenty of things to do and see there by myself if not with her.  After probably 3 or 4 days, I'll head to A-dam to catch my flight home. Hopefully no volcanic ash will interfere.



Home sweet home

Looking forward to having you back home!
Dad :^D

Its Christina

Sounds like a fun adventure :) This is my new journal, I ditched the old one in search of a new more positive attitude :)