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Noryangjin Fish Market, Giocat cafe, Hongdae

Every travel channel personality who comes to Korea comes here: Noryangjin fish market, the biggest in Korea.

                                                       the auction floor where people from restaurants bid fiercely for the best catch at the wee hours of the morning (1am - 6am).

Our catch: prawns, snow crab, kimchi, nakji and Korean beer.  

the destruction.

Hannah's 1st nakji experience:

baby octopus:

Giocat Cafe in Hongdae: a place where you pay W8,000, get a free drink and chill with the cats. there were many different distinct breeds like Maine Coon, Russian Blue, Korean shorthair, Persian, Himalayan, mixes, Scottish fold, etc.


think he looks like Merlin? Well here's a thought: this guy's a bengal!

Hongdae in general:

I've seen old people do this somewhat often. Korean equivalent of the old guy on the porch.


quaint Japanese-style cafes


It's Christina!

Brave brave eating haha. I like my food to stay still, but I'm sort of a boring consumer :)