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latin by <lj user=erin_icons>

random picture dump

Jo, Natalie, Sandra, and Andre. Out for the night in Seoul. No idea where we were exactly.

Below: Ehwa (ee-wah) Women's Universi

No idea what the bird is.One of the very few that I see.

the band I've been hanging out with:

gig a
t the Freebird bar in Hongdae, where western music is hip.

Jason (US) and Mike
(Scotland) at the reggae bar post show.

this is preshow in Hongdae a couple weekends later at a chicken and beer place. a very popular genre of restaurant.

Mike, Andre, Jim's girlfriend,Jim, Hannah

Jason, Moira, me

 Me talking to 4th grade after school students.

Lina teaching family names to her after school class for grades 3-4.